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Debate Meta

is a data analytics company that provides high school debaters with the necessary data about their own performance and the league in general to compete on an even playing field.

By combining data pulled by our two custom built web crawlers with our house built algorithms, we are able to remove the competitive edge of large coaching staffs.



521 Digital

is a content aggregator and distributor that aims to promote content from smaller influencers across multiple social media channels. With accounts ranging from esports industry news to personal influencer pages, 521 Digital wields a niche influence over the markets it enters.

521 Digital and the brands it consults have done over 100,000 unique impressions in the last month.



Game Changers

is the only article series that has been profiling key figures on the industry side of esports. As esports has gone mainstream, these articles have become even more popular as people want to look back on the current titans of industry and see what they were saying and what they were like while esports was still mainly underground.


Episode Series

Fortnite x Founders

is a content series that pairs up entrepreneurs and entertainers to play Fortnite and discuss their fields. Episode 1 is set to feature the two founders of Trufan, Swish Goswami and Aanikh Kler, as well as Kyle Kuzma, NBA player for the Lakers, and Cody Ko, YouTube superstar.