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Arts Incubator

How do you support and mold the next generation of artists that are growing up in a world that has minimized opportunities for artists to make a living?

Take the tech incubator setting and modify it for artists to incentivize collaboration, teach them critical entrepreneurial skills and a mindset that they can apply to their own career, and provide them with short-term funding, all for a percentage of their long-term profits and media opportunities.


LinkedIn for Creatives

How do you create a social media platform that supports creatives?

Collaboration is a key part of art, and yet there are very few platforms that are specifically designed to allow small artists to meet and collaborate worldwide. By taking the core principles of LinkedIn and moving it away from business to art, we can create an environment that is perfect for collaboration.


Clothing Company

How do you increase the exclusivity of your clothing brand while not decreasing your print run and still using an online sales system?

Force consumers to access the sales website by scanning QR codes that are hidden around popular cities and hinted at by puzzles released on social media.


Modern Education

How do you create a high school that is agile and relevant in the modern world?

Create a private but free high school that utilizes lectures from industry leaders, invests heavily in entrepreneurship and tech education, and pushes students to involve themselves in real-world problem-solving. Make core curriculum relevant and modular to meet students interests and give them a good academic foundation at the same time as teaching them concepts and strategies they will use in the real world.


Local Marketing

How do you rebuild consumer trust in data sharing for advertising and consumer retention?

Create an app that allows consumers to consent to non-anonymized data sharing with businesses via a universal, opt-in for each business reward system so that businesses can offer hyper-specific, high ROI advertisements and retention programs through the app. Also, use the anonymized data for less specific but cheaper activations for businesses.